Major Problems with Mazda CX-30 - Statistics of Complaints

Below you may see what Mazda CX-30 model years had the most number of complaints over time. Though it does not necessarily mean that 2020, for instance, is the worst year for the CX-30. Older CX-30 vehicles tend to accumulate more problems over time, so you need to carefully explore the nature of the issues. Tap into specific years for more details.

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Worst Mazda CX-30 Problems

2020 Mazda CX-30 January 7, 2020 Mileage: 18 miles

Right hand side tpms are reading 10 psi higher than actual pressure in tires. there is no manual reset for tpms in cx30 model. attempts to have tpms auto detected by driving per owner manual did not fix incorrect high reading from tpms

What is the most common problem with Mazda CX-30?

Overall the worst problem with Mazda CX-30 relates to WHEELS problems. Browse the categories below to learn about the specific CX-30 years that are prone to issues with these components.


Number of Complaints Reported in the First Year

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